About Us

We have been lucky, two individuals with a passion for sporting excellence in their respective fields realized that there was an opportunity to bring sporting goods to teams and individuals at very competitive prices.

Hence, running, cycling and triathlon products emerged from the brainstorming session and this initial idea broadened into a wide range of sports and activities…

…TECHTO was the result

We work at the designs and develop the brand for our own sports clothing but are aware of the contribution made by major brands out there who also develop technically advanced clothing and accessories.

We collaborate with designers and manufacturers in Europe and Asia to bring products to the marketplace which are known to offer ‘marginal gains’, a Dave Brailsford derived term.

However, we have not lost sight of the ideal that our sports gear can be used by everyone. For example, we offer main brands in a range of sports activities, provide wholesale opportunities to buy branded apparel at extremely competitive prices and can have clothing customized for teams and charity events.

We are linked with other major wholesalers in the UK and abroad so that our prices are always competitive.

We supply major brands like Adidas, Kookaburra, Nike, Reebok, Gunn and Moore, Umbro, Under Armour and many others, stocking kit that has a known pedigree in the sporting world.

Recently, we have established links with GIVOVA in Italy who produce a range of garments for sporting activities – please look at www.givova.it and access their catalogue and reflect on the fact that we supply their products at 50% below recommended retail price.

TechtoSports Limited