Reg Harris -‘A Legend of the Sport’

Following the success of Geraint in the TdF 2018, it seemed to me it would be worth putting some thoughts together on heroes of my youth.

I can remember:

Reg Harris returning to  the track and am grateful to Robert Dineen’s  biography,  Reg Harris ( Ebury Press: ISBN9780091955381: 2012) and there is still a place in my heart for the memory of Tom Simpson who died on  Mont Ventoux 13 July 1967 but told onlookers and the TdF team car personnel to just put him back on his bike. At least that was what was reported.

It was so near the summer holidays and there was a certain euphoria with just over a week to go, but I was stopped n my tracks as my mother told me the news. Hero, yes, and admitting that the news made me cry, well, that’s the emotional connection with cycling and particular ‘personalities.’

So lets move on a few years now to the present day-how do we recognise the achievements of Reg Harris and Tommy Simpson?

This is where this post may be a little contentious and I would welcome the feedback from anyone who reads this.


:I trademarked the name ‘Reg Harris’ and also trademarked ‘Reg Harris Cycles’ because I thought that with the growth in popularity of track cycling –  a long way from the open track of Herne Hill, I wanted to  find a way of Reg Harris being remembered.


We have applied to  UCI to  have a carbon track frame recognised for competition use  – we have also  done the same with a lightweight carbon frameset using our logo TECHTO. We have painted the dull black frames red and put the REG HARRIS  decal  to one side for the moment.

The question is simple really and it is this.

Is a track  frame with the decal REG HARRIS on disrespectful or acceptable? The frame we have highlighted has been rigorously tested ISO4210 standard and has a two year guarantee – a carbon frameset with seat pillar,

OK so what does the reader think?

You can have any colour, but for now it’s red!

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