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FJÖLL Full leather pilot jacket


We have our own branded products TECHTO and FJÖLL

but also offer some of the usual high street brands as well.

About Techto

We sell fashionable clothing and footwear for the discerning customer.

We have our own branded products, TECHTO and FJÖLL but also offer some of the usual high street brands as well.

You will also find some leisure brands on the site. However, the emphasis is on stylish clothing and footwear and outerwear for autumn and winter.

Our prices are always competitive.

Purchases in the UK are post-free and VAT inclusive. 

New Arrivals

 We are always looking for new products in the market place.
We focus on apparel that offers an ‘edge’, garments which people recognise but which have that added something.
Take the TECHTO gilet, above, where the design makes you think differently.
Usually, the stitching is horizontal, but not here.
Keep a lookout for the FJÖLL leather jacket, currently available for men in two different sizes.
Finally, how about fleece lined boots for autumn and winter which can be worn as leisure footwear or in more formal surroundings?

Techto Collection

At this time of year we are focusing on the best products we have to keep you warm and dry.
We are focusing on jackets and footwear to be worn when the weather becomes particularly unpleasant, so we will try to give you the relaxed, comfortable look whilst keeping you warm and dry.’

Female Collection
We are adding to our range of outerwear for our female customers and in addition to the 3-in-1 jackets we will soon release attractive walking boots. These boots are fashionable and colourful and we always treat them with an additional coat of the well known waterproofing agent by Nikwax.

Look out too for our upcoming and very trendy black leather jackets.

Male Collection
Focusing on the months ahead, you can buy windproof and very fashionable winter coats, 3-in-1 jackets which will keep you warm and dry and our soon to be released lined winter boots. These can be worn when out walking or the footwear of choice in any situation.

We are also developing wax jackets and anoraks with our partners in Scotland and are very much looking forward to their release.



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